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Dog Walking Service

New from PAWServices: a dog walking service for our regular customers. Ideal for dog-owners who can’t get out themselves, or for large and energetic dogs who would benefit from an extra walk.

Call us for more information: 07392 308687

Please let us know your thoughts and comments.


PAWServices offer a dog poo collection service for dog-owners’ gardens.

We also provide cat litter exchange and pet taxi services.


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Keeping Dogs on Leads at Lydiard Park

Swindon BC has proposed keeping dogs on leads at Lydiard Park. At the moment dogs run freely and there are no rules about keeping them on a lead. However owner are expected to pick up their dog poo. They have proposed that dogs are kept on leads in specific areas including outside Lydiard House, the barbecue area and the sports area. This is due to be enforced between the months of  April and September

If you are a dog owner, you will appreciate the need to allow your dog plenty of exercise which they get when off the lead. However this is a shared space used by children and clubs and it is important that everyone is safe.

The cabinet member responsible for Lydiard, Coun Garry Perkins (Con) said: “The vast majority of the park will still be able to be used by dog owners exactly as now, and the area we propose to restrict to dogs on leads will only be for limited times of the day and for half of the year.”

For more information click here: www.swindon.gov.uk/lydiardpspo

Please let us know your thoughts and comments.


PawServices offer dog poo collection in public spaces such as Lydiard Park as well as residential areas.

We also provide a cat litter exchanges and pet taxi.


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Cat Litter Exchange

As much as you love your cat I’m sure cleaning the litter tray is not a job you would do if you had a choice. Well now you do have a choice! PAWServices offer to do this for you!

Our sealable litter trays are filled with a super-absorbent, odour-resistant, bio-degradable wood-based, non-clumping litter that we have sourced here in the UK. When your trays are returned to base, the trays are emptied into bins for disposal at a local approved site. The trays are then steam cleaned, sanitised with pet-safe sanitiser, filled with super-absorbent litter, sealed and made ready for delivery the following week. No more buying, transporting and storing large bags of cat litter; no more smelly bins and no more cleaning soiled trays in the sink. This is a doorstep service you don’t need to be home.

With weekly pet plans starting from as low as £7.50 a week, you can wash your hands of the whole problem just by calling pawservices.

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Outdoors and Adventurous

The good weather is definitely on its way and we are starting to venture outdoor and be more adventurous!

With garden parties and barbecues being pencilled into your calendar why not book PAWServices to clean and sanitising/deodorise your garden. Even if it’s just a one-time clean up – give us a ring!

We will visit your garden to sanitise / deodorise everywhere your pet have been fouling, and even treat brown spots on the lawn.

You can relax known that your visitors can enjoy your event without worrying about where they are treading.

  • CRB Checked
  • Reasonable Rates
  • No Contracts!


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Launching in Swindon

Paw Services are delighted to be launching their services in Swindon in April 2016!

As a new business they are keen to offer an excellent service and customer satisfaction is top of the list!

We know that if you like our services you will happily send us a testimonials with your comments which we will happily publish on our website! Please send us your comments using our contact form and please also tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and face to face!

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