Swindon BC has proposed keeping dogs on leads at Lydiard Park. At the moment dogs run freely and there are no rules about keeping them on a lead. However owner are expected to pick up their dog poo. They have proposed that dogs are kept on leads in specific areas including outside Lydiard House, the barbecue area and the sports area. This is due to be enforced between the months of  April and September

If you are a dog owner, you will appreciate the need to allow your dog plenty of exercise which they get when off the lead. However this is a shared space used by children and clubs and it is important that everyone is safe.

The cabinet member responsible for Lydiard, Coun Garry Perkins (Con) said: “The vast majority of the park will still be able to be used by dog owners exactly as now, and the area we propose to restrict to dogs on leads will only be for limited times of the day and for half of the year.”

For more information click here: www.swindon.gov.uk/lydiardpspo

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