Cat Litter Exchange

Love your cat, hate the litter?

Struggling to find time to keep your cat’s litter clean and fresh? Feeling the strain of an injury or health issue? Or maybe you’re just tired of the constant family arguments about whose turn it is, whose pet it is, etc? Let PAWServices take the strain with our flexible Cat Litter Exchange plan.

Imagine a clean fresh environment for you and your furry friends, and not one family argument, because it’s always PAWServices turn!

With no contracts for you to worry about, our fully trained, insured, licensed and CRB-checked staff will visit and leave you a weekly supply of sealed pre-filled litter trays. Every couple of days, you simply put our sealable lid back on your litter tray and open a new one. That’s it, it’s as simple as that. Then, on the next service day, leave the soiled trays outside and we’ll exchange them for clean, sanitised, pre-filled litter ones. Doorstop service no need to be home.

Your cat maybe the smallest member of the family, but they come with baggage – smelly baggage. Let PAWServices take care of this unpleasant task.

Our sealable litter trays are filled with a super-absorbent, odour-resistant, bio-degradable wood-based, non-clumping litter that we have sourced here in the UK. When your trays are returned to base, the trays are emptied into bins for disposal at a local approved site. The trays are then steam cleaned, sanitised with pet-safe sanitiser, filled with super-absorbent litter, sealed and made ready for delivery the following week. No more buying, transporting and storing large bags of cat litter; no more smelly bins and no more cleaning soiled trays in the sink.

With weekly pet plans starting from as low as £7.50 a week, you can wash your hands of the whole problem just by calling PAWServices.

Always clean by nature, cats – and especially house cats – get stressed if they can’t bury or cover their litter sufficiently. It is not uncommon for cats to refuse to use a dirty or over-used litter tray. Frequent exchange of cat litter also lessens the possibility of health issues and dramatically reduces the amount of faeces and urine being tracked around your otherwise clean house via their paws.

Call us now on 01793 341312 Or 07392 308 687 to arrange a service visit convenient for you.

Price Plan – Cats

No. of Trays Exchanged Weekly Service Price Total Cost
1 £6.00 £7.50
2 £6.00 £9.00
3 £6.00 £10.50
4 £6.00 £12.00
5 £6.00 £13.50
5 or more POA POA
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