As much as you love your cat I’m sure cleaning the litter tray is not a job you would do if you had a choice. Well now you do have a choice! PAWServices offer to do this for you!

Our sealable litter trays are filled with a super-absorbent, odour-resistant, bio-degradable wood-based, non-clumping litter that we have sourced here in the UK. When your trays are returned to base, the trays are emptied into bins for disposal at a local approved site. The trays are then steam cleaned, sanitised with pet-safe sanitiser, filled with super-absorbent litter, sealed and made ready for delivery the following week. No more buying, transporting and storing large bags of cat litter; no more smelly bins and no more cleaning soiled trays in the sink. This is a doorstep service you don’t need to be home.

With weekly pet plans starting from as low as £7.50 a week, you can wash your hands of the whole problem just by calling pawservices.